Due to its excellent spatially and spectroscopically resolving capabilities, it is possible to use the CXC for a broad variety of applications.


For this method, a broad beam X-ray source illuminates the entire sample, and the CXC preserves the spatial coherence of the image using polycapillary optics.

X-Ray Micro Tomography

3D pictures can be constructed from two dimensional Full Field - X-Ray Flourescence images.

Polychromatic SAXS

Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS) without monochromation

Simultaneous X-Ray Flourescence and Diffraction

The CXC is capable to record spatially and spectroscopically resolved images. Simultaneous XRD-XRF signal can be separated. This results in diffraction patterns with no fluorescence background and fluorescence spectra with no diffraction peaks.

Further Applications

Besides above presented applications there are many more possibilities to use the CXC.