BSE Detectors

PNDetector´s BSDs with a very low signal capacitance and leakage current levels combined with high-speed preamplifiers enable best performance at scan rates up to 100 MHz.

Key Features

  • Low sensor capacitances down to 3 pF/channel enable high speed imaging and support the very low noise characteristics

  • A broad primary energy range from 0.5 keV to 300 keV is covered

  • Fast signal rise times down to 10 nsec

  • Excellent geometric collection efficiency up to 65 % for higher signal intensity and contrast

  • High custom design flexibility

Standard BSD Module

The Standard BSD in flexible configuration is available with different chip geometries. It can be combined with our 4-Channel Standalone Preamplifer as a whole module icluding the electronics or can be used as single detector module.                         

Advanced BSD Module

The Advanced BSD equipped with integrated 4-Channel Preamplifier with different chip geometries enables ultrafast imaging beyond TV-Speed with scan rates up to 100 MHz and low signal capacitance. Our Advanced BSD is the best choice for easy plug and play installations and high throughput.