PN 生产线

PN 生产线

PNDetector´s facilities comprise a full semiconductor fabrication line with 500 sqm clean room area of highest class specialized for the fabrication of double sided silicon radiation sensors with integrated electronics and 300 sqm for sensor packaging, qualification and system integration.

Moreover several workshops and development and application laboratories are available. Our talented teams are specialists in simulation and design, layout, semiconductor technology, electronics and mechanics. All our tools are state-of-the art.

PNDetector´s focus is on advanced detectors for X-ray spectroscopy and imaging as well as electron detection and imaging. Detector types comprise p-i-n diodes in various designs for current measurement as well as diode arrays, Silicon Drift Detectors (SDDs) for spectroscopy and pixelated sensors like pnCCDs for imaging. All detectors are available as modules or systems.


PND´s production line for the manufacture of ultra-pure and high sensitive sensors.


封装 & 系统集成化

insures optimum conditions for an integrated work-flow for all backend process such as sensor packaging, electrical and spectroscopical characterization, system integration of the packaged sensors and full qualification.