Electron Detectors for Scaning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) in SEM and TEM

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy (STEM) is a popular technique with growing interest that is applied to a broad variety of specimens in SEM as well as in TEM. Electrons are detected after they have been transmitted through the sample at angles below the incident beam con­vergence angle (bright field, BF) and electrons with high (annular dark field, ADF) or very high scattering angles (high angle annular dark field, HAADF).

PNDetector’s annular STEM detectors are based on fully depleted p-i-n diodes with a thickness of 450 μm. This minimizes the signal capacitance to values of only several pF, which is mandatory for achieving high detector speeds and low noise levels.

标准 STEM 探测器

PNDetector’s Standard STEM Detectors with different chip geometries are all available with Aluminium housing.

高级 STEM 探测器

The newest STEM Detector with integrated 16-Channel Preamplifier is available. It is compatible to all types of PNDetector´s STEM chips.