SDD Systems - High resolution XRF Spectroscopy combined with high reliability

用于科学研究和实验室的 XRF 光谱仪 (XRS)

Based on SDD series Base, Ultra or Large

The universal operation platform for our SDDs with integrated FET with individually pre-adjusted system parameters.

用于工业 OEM 和实验室的 XRF 光谱仪灵活解决方案 (XRP)

Based on SDD Base series.

The compact version of a XRF Detector System for easy integration into customer equipment.

用于高通量应用的 XRF 光谱仪灵活解决方案 (XRP-A)

Based on High Flux SDD modules

The perfect solution for industry application where high count rate performance and throughput is the major goal.

XRF 光谱仪 All-in-One (XRS-A)

Based on High Flux SDD modules

The perfect choice for demanding industrial or scientific applications.

Detector, Supply Unit and Digital Pulse Processor – All in one device.

用于 XRF,XRD,和 EDX 的多通道 SDD 光谱仪

Based on ROCOCO SDD series

The unique system for all application where ultra high solid angle and count rates up to 4 Mcps are needed.